Randy-Randy (No Remorse Records)

26 Jul

Randy is an old heavy metal band from Denmark. Their only release during the ’80s was a single containing two really great songs (“Shadows Are Falling” and “The Beast”).

Now this compilation contains 12 tracks, namely their 1986 single, their 1987 demo and three tracks from a 1987 live. Their songs are all really good! I would say that their songwriting embarrasses many “big” bands. The only song that has another musical style and it is like it has been written by another band is “C’Mon Let’s Rock”. The single songs along with the rest of them (“Nightmare”, “The Razor’s Edge”, “It’s Got To Be Love”, “Victim of the Night”, “Who’s Got the Power”, “Don’t Look Back”, “On the Highway” and “In the Still of the Night”) are really top-notch stuff. Esspecially the guitar work in some anthems is really amazing! This compilation has been released in 500 CD copies and in 500 vinyl copies. As a release it could have had a better sound and the booklet could be thicker but this is the first official release of this really great band, which contains all of their songs so the friends of traditional heavy metal should definitely buy it!! Randy is one of the best Danish metal bands along with Mercyful Fate, Witchcross, Mirage, Force Majeure, Narita and Pretty Maids.

P.S.: No Remorse Records has also made some very good re-releases lately (Der Kaiser, Steel Angel and Medieval Steel).

                            Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis



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