Ten-Heresy And Creed (Frontiers)

08 May


TEN Heresy And Creed

This is the new album of Ten, which is a hard rock band from the U.K. Their style could be described as melodic hard rock with many pompous elements. The band was created back in 1995 by vocalist Gary Hughes.This is their tenth full length (what a coincidence heh, heh) and is being released by Frontiers Records. I would say that their melodic parts were always too cheesy for me, but their more powerful parts were really qualitative. Their previous album was quite good. This one is a bit inferior, though. It has a solid sound production and some tracks stand out from the rest. I would say that “Arabian Nights”, “Right Now”, “The Priestess” and “Insatiable” stand out. I would suggest that if you want to listen to their best works you should hear “The Robe”, “The Name of the Rose” and above all the really AMAZING album “Spellbound” which was also released by Frontiers Records back in 1999.  In conclusion this is a decent album for the fans of Ten’s style. Their hardcore fans will buy it no matter what I say so the rest of you try to hear it first!!


Ten-Heresy & Creed


                                                     6.5/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis

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