Thugsten Axe-Swedish Iron (Iron Shield Records)

06 Sep

thugsten axe

This is the first album of this Swedish metal band that was formed back in 2009. The band released
a demo cassette a couple of years ago. Thugsten Axe’s style is traditional heavy metal. One of the basic influences of the band is the mighty Swedish group HEAVY LOAD.

They recoded the album in the old analogue way and not in the new digital way and this had a positive
result on the sound of the album. The new album has a suitable sound production, a nice flow and an
average duration so all this help to enjoy it. I would say that the first half of “Swedish Iron” is
really good and especially the “Prelude” and the songs “Star of Mount Paekdu”, “Heavy Metal” & “Devil’s
Children”. In conclusion this is a good traditional album that all the heavy metal fans of this genre
should check!


Thugsten Axe


                                              8/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis


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