Rock Bunnies-Speedmachine (Pure Rock Records)

15 May

Klaus Schubert’s ROCK BUNNIES is a female fronted hard rock band and the brain child of Austrian guitar player Klaus Schubert (No Bros). The band started as a blues project (BLUES BUNNIES) but quickly opted for songs with a more rocking edge and changed their name to ROCK BUNNIES. Their very first album “Speedmachine” is a mixture of studio and live material (11 studio and 5 live tracks).The band plays pure 70s influenced hard rock (like URIAH HEEP, DEEP PURPLE, RUSH and WHITESNAKE used to) although the guitar playing brought me back memories from the 80s. The keyboard sound is excellent ranging from a typical piano sound to a great sounding melodic hammond sound. The (all female) rhythm section is tight and gives enough space to Klaus Schubert to play some excellent solos and Tici Weitstreicher (vocals) to provide some nice melodic vocal lines. The sound of the band is by no means “retro” but very much fresh overall, thanks to a very clear and powerful production. It is a very pleasant record to listen to.
Maybe they have done one too many covers but the major weak point of the album is that there aren’t any real stand-out tracks. Tracks that will make you go back and listen to the album over and over again.Nevertheless, ROCK BUNNIES is definitely a band that all lovers of 70s hard rock should check out.


                                                  7/10 Kostas Rigas


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