Skullfist-Heavier than metal (Iron on Iron Records)

28 May

Here we have an E.P. by this Canadian band, an EP that lasts about 22 minutes. Their style could be characterized as heavy/speed/ power metal the American way! This is their first official release and they have also released a demo named “No False Metal” back in 2006 – I really liked the self titled track of the demo and now I really enjoy this EP. I consider it to be just one of the best releases of 2010! I would say that “Sign of the Warrior” and their homonym track are the anthems that caught my attention more but here we are talking about a killer EP! It seems like Canada and Sweden are in a really good shape because lately we’ve been having a blast of good metal releases from these countries!!! Also Canada has a really big tradition with power trio bands and SKULLFIST is a three piece act. Random fact? I don’t think so! Do yourselves a favor, buy this item and ignore a release from a “big” “metal” band! You won’t regret it!!! I’ll be anxiously waiting for their next step!!

P.S. The cd was released privately by the band while the vinyl format of this EP was released by the greek metal label Iron on Iron. We had the chance to see the band playing live at Up the Hammers festival which was held on March of 2011. The band’s show was really great!!


                                  9/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light Kaskamanidis


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