Urchin-High Roller (High Roller Records)

23 Jan

URCHIN was formed as STONE FREE in 1971 by childhood friends Dave Murray and Adrian Smith. Along with bassist John Hoye and various drummers, they learnt their first songs and entered a few local talent competitions and played their first gigs in Hoye’s school. They became EVIL WAYS in 1974 and URCHIN in 1976. For those who don’t know (!!!!) Dave Murray and Adrian Smith, we should say that they are the guitarists of IRON MAIDEN. They released two singles back in the 70’s “Black Leather Fantasy”/”Rock ‘n’ Roll Woman” (1977) and “She’s a Roller” / “Long Time No Woman” (1978). The band disbanded in 1980. Their style could be characterized as hard rockish N.W.O.B.H.M. From these two singles nothing is in this compilation. These single songs are in another compilation named URCHIN which was compiled by the same record label back in 2004. The “Urchin” compilation was released (at least as far as I know) only on a vinyl format limited to 330 copies. This High Roller Records compilation is also on a vinyl format limited to 1500 copies. The two compilations have three tracks in common. The songs that I enjoyed the most were “Life in the City”, “Countdown” and the magnificent 8 minute anthem “My Lady”. In conclusion this is a must release for the fans of this metal/hard rock genre. For them, including me, the grade is of course higher and for the rest the grade is a bit lower.


                                      8/10 Ioannis “Knight of Light” Kaskamanidis

P.S.: This compilation has been available recently in cd format also by High Roller Records!


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